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Our lives are shaped by the influence of natural laws, which govern our existence and impact our well-being. These forces often guide us in unconscious repetitive and detrimental patterns as they seek balance.

Our mission is to gain awareness of the imbalances deeply rooted within our family systems. By doing so, we can take control of our decisions, emotions, and behaviors, freeing ourselves to live consciously and fully.

A crucial starting point in our journey towards self-improvement is examining our relationship with our parents, both mother and father. We must also seek out any excluded family members and reintegrate them into our familial structure to restore its natural harmony and love.

This restoration process empowers us to regain our capacity to thrive, accomplish our aspirations, and attain success.

While most people are aware of inheriting DNA from their parents, fewer recognize that they also inherit emotions and behaviors from their family lineage. Issues arise when unresolved traumas, such as:

A-Z Family Constellations



  • Abandonment

  • Abortions

  • Miscarriages

  • Stillbirths

  • Divorce

  • Immigration

  • Prolonged hospitalisations

  • War

  • Murder

  • Suicide

  • Sudden death of a child

  • Slavery

  • Ill-gotten gains

  • Violence

Heal the Presence of the Past