'All you don't want to see you attract simply because what's excluded must belong'

Orders of Love

Hierarchy - Belonging - Balance

Every family, every group, every country has their own set of rules. When these rules interfere with the natural orders of love, problems happen. These orders are followed through unconscious impulses to keep the life flow. According to Bert Hellinger, there are three laws running a family system; the first says we must respect the ones who came before us. The second teaches we all belong to the system; like it or not. Finally, balance must happen through equal give and take.

All social groups have systems and their own rules . Flock of birds, shoal of fish, football teams, religious groups, cultures... all have rules. From all systems we belong to, our family is the one that has the biggest influence on our lives.  Most of our problems are the result of unbalanced family systems. Who in your past was most like you? You are probably repeating their life to balance the system. 

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